A dedicated DJ, Jarek will entertain your guests throughout the evenings festivities with a variety of music that caters to your crowd and is inspired by your choices in a cohesive and manicured set - from start to finish - that will keep everyone moving and having fun.


A natural MC, Jarek will help host your event. He will seamlessly weave the stages of your evening together and interact with your guests to keep them all engaged. Additionally, he will introduce your dedicated speakers and assist in maintaining a smooth flowing schedule of events.


A creative stage designer, Jarek will transform your space - any space - into the dance floor you desire. He will employ an array of creative lighting given volume by a hazer and compliment it with his pristine speakers to generate the sensory immersive atmosphere you want.

The evolution of DJing is here.

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  • How you arrived here happened for any number of reasons. Why you are here is more important. You are serious about music. You are serious about having a good time. One is a direct result of the other.